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June 13
Author : SZENTES Balazs (London School of Economics)
May 30
Author : LAGERLOF Nippe (York University)
May 19 Cross-Border Trade in Electricity
Author : ANTWEILER Werner (University of British Columbia)
May 16
Author : SUEUR CŽdric (CNRS Strasbourg)
April 25
Author : DREBER Anna (Stockholm School of Economics)
April 14 Mitigation and adaptation are not enough: turning to emissions reduction abroad
Author : LE KAMA Ayong (Paris Ouest Nanterre)
April 4
Author : BSHARY Redouan (UniversitŽ de Neuchatel)
March 31 Alternative and Indefinitely Repeated Investments: Species Choice and Harvest Age in Forestry
Author : LASSERRE Pierre (UQAM)
March 28
Author : TOXVAERD Flavio (Cambridge University)
March 21
Author : PERRINGS Charles (Arizona State University)
March 17 Climate campaigns, cap-and-trade and carbon leakage: Why reducing your carbon footprint can harm the climate
Author : PERINO Grisha (University of Hamburg)


December 9 Economic Policy when Models Disagree
Author : SINCLAIR-DESGAGNE Bernard (HEC MontrŽal)
December 6
Author : GRAFEN Alan (Oxford University)
December 5 Endogenous Perceptions of Climate Change
Author : TOAN Phan (University of North Carolina)
December 3 The Housing Market Impacts of Shale Gas Development
Author : TIMMINS Christopher (Duke Univeristy)
November 25 Do social status seeking behaviors worsen the tragedy of the commons?
Author : ROUILLON SŽbastien (University of Bordeaux)
November 22
Author : CLUTTON-BROCK Tim (Cambridge University)
November 4 Economic coercion in public finance
Author : HINTERMANN Beat (Basel University)
October 18
Author : MILINSKI Manfred (Max Planck Institute)
October 7 Ecological transition and green investments
Author : BUREAU Dominique (Polytechnique)
October 4
Author : VAN BAALEN Minus (Ecologie & Evolution Laboratory)
September 23 Market-Based Emissions Regulation and Industry Dynamics
Author : REGUANT Mar (Stanford University)
September 20 Hunter gatherer population structure and the evolution of contingent cooperation
Author : BOYD Robert (UCLA & Arizona State University)
June 3 North-South convergence and the allocation of CO2 emissions
Author : ROEMER John (Yale University)
May 27 Should marginal abatement costs differ across sectors? The effect of low-carbon capital accumulation
Author : VOGT-SHILB Adrien (CIRED)
May 13 Should we be worried about the Green Paradox? Announcement Effects of the Acid Rain Program
Author : DI MARIA Corrado (University of Birmingham)
April 15 Investment in Low-Carbon Electricity
Author : GREEN Richard (Imperial College London)
April 8 Improving Global Public Goods Supply Through Conditional Transfers - The International Adaptation Transfer Riddle
Author : PITTEL Karen (University of Munich)
March 25 A Theory of Multi-Tier Ecolabels
Author : LYON Thomas (University of Michigan)
March 11 Hotelling Meets Darcy: A New Model of Oil Extraction
Author : MASON Chuck (University of Wyoming)


December 10 A Mechanism Design Approach to Climate Agreements
Author : SAND-ZANTMAN Wilfried (Toulouse School of Economics)
November 26 Energy Production and Health Externalities: Evidence from Oil Strike Refineries in France
Author : LAVAINE Emmanuelle (Paris School of Economics)
November 12 Capitalizing property rights insecurity in natural resource assets
Author : COSTELLO Christopher (UC Santa Barbara)
October 15 Non-Renewable Resource Supply: Substitution Effect, Compensation Effect, and All That
Author : DAUBANES Julien (ETH Zurich)
June 18 Carbon Abatement in the Fuel Market with Biofuels: Implications for Second-Best Policies
Author : MADHU Khanna (University of Illinois)
June 14 (Anti)-coordination problems with scarce water resource
Author : TOMINI Agnès (Lameta Montpellier)
June 11 Biofuel Mandates, Food Prices and Poverty
Author : CHAKRAVORTY Ujjayant (University of Alberta)
May 21 Synergies and Trade-offs between Climate and Local Air Pollution Policies in Sweden
Author : CORIA Jessica (University Of Gothenburg)
May 7 Response latency in stated choice experiments: impact on preference, variance and processing heterogeneity
Author : CAMPBELL Danny (Queen's University Belfast)
April 24 North / South Contractual Design through the REDD+ Scheme
March 26 Economic Analysis for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment
Author : BATEMAN Ian (University of East Anglia)
March 12 Climate Change and Clean Capital Accumulation: When To Invest ?
Author : COULOMB Renaud (PSE)
January 09 The Market for Conservation and Other Hostages
Author : HARSTAD Bard (Northwestern University)


December 12 Multi-stage optimal control, optimal switching and threshold effects: Theory and application
Author : BOUCEKKINE Raouf (Université Catholique de Louvain)
November 14 Optimal extraction of a polluting non-renewable resource with R&D toward a clean backstop technology
Author : HENRIET Fanny (PSE)
October 17 Modelling the effect of health risk perception on preferences and choice set formation over time: recreation hunting site choice and chronic wasting disease
Author : ADAMOVICS Vic (University of Alberta)
October 3 Valuing Morbidity Risk: Willingness to Pay per Quality-Adjusted Life Year
Author : HAMMITT James (Havard University)
September 19 Tap water consumption : Assessing the Role of Attitudes towards Environment using Non-Parametric Mokken Scale Analysis
Author : BEAUMAIS Olivier (Université de Rouen)
June 6 Transboundary Movements of Waste: Second-hand markets and illegal shipments
Author : BERNARD Sophie (Université d'Ottawa)
May 9 Flattening the carbon extraction path: Unilateral versus cooperative cost-effective action
Author : PETHIG Ruediger (University of Siegen)
April 11 Public investment as commitment
Author : GERLAGH Reyer (Tilburg University)
March 14 The Demarcation of Land and the Role of Coordinating Institutions
Author : LIBECAP Gary (University of California)
January 3 Bargaining with intertemporal maximin payoffs
Author : MARTINET Vincent (INRA Agrotech Paris)


November 22 Is There Really a Green Paradox?
Author : WITHAGEN Cees (Tilburg University)
November 8 Cournot Competition on a Network of Markets and Firms
Author : ILKILIC Rahmi (Maastricht University)
October 20 Cost-Benefit Analysis as a Prioritization Tool for Swedish Infrastructure Investments
Author : SVENSSON Mikael
October 11 Directed technological change: it's all about knowledge
Author : HART Rob (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
May 31 Subjective Risk, Confidence, and Ambiguity
Author : TRAEGER Christian (Berkeley)
May 19 Well-Being and Equity: A Framework for Policy Analysis
Author : ADLER Matthew (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
May 17 Global Warming and Heterogeneous (Green and Brown) Consumers
Author : WIRL Franz (University of Vienna)
May 3 The Dynamics of Climate Agreements
Author : HARSTAD Bard (Kellogg School of Management)
March 29 With Exhaustible Resources, Can A Developing Country Escape From The Poverty Trap?
Author : LE VAN Cuong
March 15 The Environment and Directed Technical Change
Author : HEMOUS David (Harvard University)


December 07 Instrument Choice and Motivation: Evidence from a Climate Change Experiment
Author : GOESCHL Timo (University of Heidelberg)
November 23 Is bioenergy trade good for the environment?
Author : OLLIVIER Helene
November 09 International Environmental Cooperation with Imperfect Monitoring
Author : LAUKKANEN Marita (Agrifood Research Finland)
October 12 The Credibility of Certification
Author : MAHENC Philippe (LERNA TSE)
June 29 Architecture Internationale pour la Lutte contre le Rechauffement Climatique
15h MC204 Author : TIROLE Jean (TSE)
June 5 Water supply interruption: Does length matter? An empirical application to residential users in Seville
Author : GARCIA VALIÑAS Maria (University of Oviedo)
June 4 Sequential Legislative Lobbying under Political Certainty
Author : ZAPOROZHETS Vera (KU Leuven)
May 26 Life expectancy and the environment
Author : PEREZ-BARAHONA Agustín (Paris 1 & Ecole Polytechnique)
May 20 Competition in Matching Technologies
Author : TREGOUËT Thomas (Ecole Polytechnique)
May 4 Capacity Decisions with Demand Fluctuations and Carbon Leakage
Author : PONSSARD Jean-Pierre (Ecole Polytechnique)
April 20 "Twin Peaks" in Energy Prices: A Hotelling Model with Pollution and Learning Capacity Decisions with Demand Fluctuations and Carbon Leakage
Author : CHAKRAVORTY Ujjayant (University of Alberta)
March 31 9h30 - 11h00 / On markets as games: Perfect theory for imperfect competition?
Author : GODAL Odd (University Bergen)
14h00 - 15h30 / Growth and irreversible pollution: are emission permits a means to avoid environmental and poverty traps?
Author : PRIEUR Fabien (Université de Savoie)
15h30 - 17h00 / Property Prices and Exposure to Multiple Noise Sources: Hedonic Regression with Road and Railway Noise
Author : ANDERSSON Henrik (VTE Sweden and TSE)
March 30 The Efficiency of Voluntary Incentive Policies for Preventing Biodiversity Loss
Author : PLANTINGA Andrew (Oregon State University)
March 16 Public Good Experiments in the Lab and in the Field
Author : ENGLMAIER Florian (University of Munich)
March 2 Tradable pollution permits in dynamic general equilibrium: can optimality and acceptability be reconciled?
Author : BRECHET Thierry (Louvain School of Management)
January 5 Estimating Strategic Complementarities in a Dynamic Game of Timing: The Case of the Montreal Protocol
Author : WAGNER Ulrich (University Carlos III, Madrid)


December 08 On reducing the windfall profits in environmental subsidy programs
Author : VAN SOEST Daan (Tilburg University)
November 24 Low-carbon societies: a challenging transition for an attractive future
Author : CRASSOUS Renaud (CIRED Paris)
November 10 Ecological Discounting
Author : GOLLIER Christian (TSE LERNA)
October 06 Willingness to Pay for Car Safety: Sensitivity to Time Framing
May 26 Choosing and Sharing
Author : LEROUX Justin (Institut d'économie appliquée, HEC Montréal)
April 28 On the Design of Global Refunding and Climate Change
Author : GERSBACH Hans (Macroéconomie: Innovation et de la politique, ETH Zurich)
April 07 Discounting and climate change: a non-marginal policy choice
Author : DIETZ Simon (Department of Geography and Environment, The London Shool of Economics and Political Science)
March 10 The road to extinction: commons with capital markets
Author : ROWAT Colin (Department of Economics, The University of Birmingham)
February 25 Environmental Option Values and Endogenous Information: the role of the Testing Value
Author : ATTANASI Giuseppe (TSE LERNA)
January 07 On Preemptive Corporate Social Responsibility
Author : GLACHANT Matthieu (Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Mines de Paris)

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